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2018 State Cup

By Toledo Celtics, 07/17/18, 12:00PM EDT


U18 (2000) Boys Ohio North State Cup Champions:

The Toledo Celtics U18 boys team claimed their second State Cup in three years with a 2-1 victory over rivals Pacesetter. 365 days of grind, sweat, blood and adversity...all for the opportunity to achieve something great together. Ohio North State Champions and without a doubt, it was earned.

As a 2016 national qualifier, the Toledo Celtics U18’s are going after yet another run to the championship. After a tough State Cup finals loss in 2017 to the same Pacesetter team in overtime, our Toledo Celtics had only one goal in mind for 2018, VICTORY.

Not only was victory on their mind, but so was teamwork, sacrifice, dedication, passion & perseverance. The grueling training sessions prepared them for battle, and that was exactly what these boys did day in and day out was battle. They pushed each other to train harder, to train faster and to stay focused.

“Cannot express how much this team means to me... I'm so proud of you guys. So, so proud. Of each of you. Not just because you won. Not just because it feels good...But because you made the choice to trust me...believe in me...stick by me when you could have left when it got tough...and most importantly, the strength you have given me to attack each day with my family. You all thank me, and it's not me that needs to be thanked. It's each of you, for being smarter than your years...for allowing me to teach you...and for believing in me and my family at our darkest hour. You may never know the love I have for this team and each of you that choose to sacrifice for each other, and for me. You are all, without a doubt Family”, Coach Brazeau.

So how has the season gone for this team? Well….. Here are some number for you.

Record: 17-1-3

82 Goals for
13 Goals against
11 Shutouts

Disney Championship
Jefferson Cup Championship
Crossroads Champions
Blue Chip Runner-Up
MRL Prem II Champion
State Cup Champion
Regional Qualifier 

Follow the boys HERE as they now prepare for the Midwest Regional Championships.

U14 (2004) Boys Ohio North State Cup Finalists:

The Toledo Celtics U14 Boys finished the season on a strong note as finalists in the 2018 Ohio North State Cup tournament, falling to State Champs Challenger Crew 2-0. Their hard work, commitment and dedication was evident in their play all season. This group of young men have a very bright future ahead of them as they continue to learn and develop. We can’t waite to see what next year holds for these boys. Congrats on the season Coach Sam and boys.

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