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Our new Puma uniform order site is up! Order now!

By Yousef Aliakbar, 10/02/20, 10:30AM EDT


If you have not ordered your new Puma uniforms, please use the following instructions to do so:

The Soccer Village office hours for customer service are: 8 am – 5 PM , Mon-Friat 1-800-483-2690

The ordering module is open 24/7.

The group code for Toledo Celtics is: TCSC20

Soccer Village Club Uniform Ordering System Instructions

1.    Either begin by going to and selecting the TEAMHUB hotlink first or directly enter the link   

2.    Enter your email address and password if you have previously ordered. If you are a new user, select “Create an Account” and register the parent/guardian information. Do not register your child’s information. A parent or guardian over the age of 18 must be registered for the order to be accepted. 

3.    You will be asked for the Group Code for your club. This is provided to you by your club. Enter the Group Code and hit “Continue to Player Information”. 

4.    Next, enter the basic information for the player for which you are ordering. All fields are required except player number assignment. The club will submit that directly to Soccer Village. Soccer Village cannot assign jersey numbers.

5.    Select how the player was fitted or if they were not fitted. To protect your health and the health of our employees, we cannot offer in-store fittings at this time. Please visit to download a sizing guide. Click “go to Team Site”. 

6.    Select the items, sizes and quantities that are needed and add items to your cart.

7.    Once all items are added, click the cart in the upper right-and corner to review order and checkout. 

8.    If order is confirmed, the final page will allow you to enter your payment, billing and shipping information and submit your order.

9.    You will receive an email confirmation with an order number as soon as the order is placed. 


Tips if you are having trouble on the site:

  • Make sure you are logging in at our TEAMHUB and not the main website.  Click the TEAMHUB icon in the upper right of the main Soccer Village webpage and login there.  The TEAMHUB is a separate part of our system for club orders only.
  • If you have an account in the main webpage of, please make sure you are logged out there.  (it will say your name in the upper right of screen if you are logged in at the main page).   The way our system works, you cannot be logged into the main webpage at the same time you’re logged into the TEAMHUB section. 
  • Safari web browser (Apple products default ) does not work with our system if you are on PRIVATE BROWSING MODE. If you use an Apple device and do not want to go off private browsing,  please use another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome (in the app store) and use with Apple products to get on the website.  Or you can take off private browsing and proceed. 
  • If you cannot login (have a failed attempt), you can try completely closing your internet browser, and reopening it.  This refreshes any information the computer/phone/pad had lingering in the background, and helps when you have had a failed login previously.
  • If your browser is set to Block all cookies, our TEAMHUB will not load in most instances.  You will have to allow cookies to get in. 

Office hours for customer service are: 8 am – 5 PM , Mon-Fri.