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2005 Black Regional Qualifier Off To Europe

By Brent Thielen, 06/29/19, 10:36AM EDT


Best of luck to the 2005 Black regional qualifier who is heading to Europe to measure up themselves with the European competition.

Toledo Celtics 2005 Black will be attending Cup No. 1 from July 8th to July 14th , 2019 and Gothia Cup from July 15th to July 21st , 2019 (Biggest Youth Cup in the world) with 174 teams in their age group from 24 nations and 43 groups.

Gothia Cup Results & Information

Some of the Gothia Cup games will be live streamed. CLICK HERE to view the boys in action.

Update 17-July-2019

- Game 1 Result: Toledo Celtics  were defeated by Vaksala SK (Sweden) 3-1.

- Game 2 Result: Toledo Celtics defeat Baerums Verk Hauger IF (Norway) 3-0.

- Game 3 Result: Toledo Celtics were defeated by Tolo IF (Sweden) 2-1 in a heartbreak loss on a last minute goal, to put them out of the championship knockout stage, but will continue play in bracket B.

Off the field, the boys are enjoying their incredible environment overseas.

Update 18-July-2019

- Game 4 Result: Toledo Celtics  defeat InterClubes (Brazil) 4-0.

- Game 5 Result: Will be live streamed @ 1:10 PM ET, 18-July-2019. CLICK HERE to watch the boys in action.

Update 19-July-2019

- Game 5 Result: Toledo Celtics  defeat IS Halmia (Sweden) 3-0 to move into the elite 8.

- Game 6 Result: Toledo Celtics defeat FK Karlskrona 3-0 to advance to the quarterfinals.

- Game 7 Result: Toledo Celtics defeat Kinna IF (Sweden) in PK's and advance to the semifinals.

- Game 8 Result: Toledo Celtics defeat FC USA International (USA) 1-0.

The boys have moved onto the finals and will play Phoenix Football Academy (England). This game will be live streamed at 8:00 AM ET. CLICK HERE to watch the boys in action

Update 20-July-2019

- Championship Game: Toledo Celtics defeat Phoenix Academy  (UK) 3-0.

Cup No. 1 Results & Information

Update 9-July-2019

- The 2005 Black team has arrived in Europe.

- Game 1 Result: Toledo Celtics  defeat Bangsbo Freja (Denmark) 5-0.

- Game 2 Result: Toledo Celtics defeat Gotaholm BK (Sweeden) 2-0, and sit on top of the group.

Update 10-July-2019

- Game 3 Result: Toledo Celtics  defeat Uraedd FK (Norway) 5-2.

- Game 4 Result: Toledo Celtics draw 0-0 against Trygg/Lade (Norway).

- The boys finish on top of their group and into the knockout round. CLICK HERE to view the group standings/results and upcoming games from Cup No. 1.

Update 11-July-2019

- Game 5 Result: Toledo Celtics  draw 1-1 against Dahle/Nordlandet (Norway).

- Game 6 Result: Toledo Celtics defeat As IL (Norway) 5-0.

- The boys have secured a spot in the semi-finals. CLICK HERE to view the standings/results and upcoming games from Cup No. 1.

Update 12-July-2019

- Semi-Final's Result: Toledo Celtics  fall 0-1 against Dallas Texans Development Academy (USA).

The Dallas Texans DA is one of the premier and most decorated development academies in the United States, with a rich tradition of success not only in Texas, but at the national level. A 1-0 loss to such a highly prestigious club goes to show the amount of passion our players have for the game as well as the ability of the Toledo Celtics coaching staff to prepare these young men to perform at such a high level of play. The future is bright and filled with potential.