Tryout Process

The Toledo Celtics offers a formal tryout period at the beginning of June each year in which we generate our teams for the upcoming club soccer season.

However, we do have a "rolling" tryout process that does allow new players who may be interested in joining the club to participate in our training sessions throughout the season. 

For more information in regards to joining Toledo Celtics, please contact our Director of Coaching, Kirk Brazeau at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office at 419-473-9490.  

Toledo Celtics Philosophy

The Toledo Celtics believes that first and foremost players should enjoy the experience, creativity, and spontaneity that the game of soccer encourages so that players have a never-ending love of the game. The coaches at the Celtics believe that the game is the best teacher when guided by quality and qualified coaches. Toledo Celtics believes that when early development, technical training, and physical fitness are nurtured in a competitive environment that this presents opportunities for the youth player to grow and at the same time emphasizes the performance over the result or winning. Player development comes first.

The Toledo Celtics is committed to you and your player. That commitment is to provide the best opportunity for your player to compete and learn at the highest level in the region.

Toledo Celtics History

The Toledo Celtics Soccer Club was founded by Dr James A King and Khalil Lee Aliakbar in 1987 and was incorporated in 1990.   For the first seven years, the club had only high school aged teams.  Immediate success was realized through both League and tournament victories.   The club joined the Cleveland Leagues to play a higher level of competition.   Currently, the club is a member of the Northwest Ohio, Lake Erie, Alliance Football and State Leagues.

In 1991, the Club made the old Devilbis High Scholl stadium their home field.  This facility was furnished with lights in 1992.   After the club was able to acquire Celtics Stadium and stabilize its facilities, the Board of Directors decided to establish a youth program in 1994 and success came rapidly.   The Toledo Celtics won 6 State Championships, 2 State Finalists and were Regional Finalists, and a a National Finalist in the Super Club Championship.   In addition to achieving these accomplishments, the Toledo Celtics have won Fall Ball, Dayco, Fort Wayne Invitational, Jarosi-Willis, Kalamazoo Invitational, St. Louis Cup, Memphis Invitational, Best of Midwest and many other championships.  Internationally, the Club has participated in th Gothia World Youth Cup, Dana Cup and Holland Cup.

Since the Addition of the youth division to the Club in1994, the Celtics took on a new project called Toledo Leprechauns.  In the fall of 1995, the Toledo Leprechauns recreational program was created to allow children from the ages of 3 and older the opportunity to gain a start in the game of soccer.   The Leprechauns has grown to over 1000 plus participants.