Community Outreach Program

On July 8, 2016, some of our Toledo Celtics staff and players hosted two camps for the Toledo Community as part of a Community Outreach Program. These camps were held at Wilson Park and Friendship Park. The Community Outreach Program gives individuals and organizations the opportunity to get involved in community services and activities, and allows those individuals the opportunity to share their love and passion with others. This is just yet another example of why are proud of our Celtics family. Not only for their love of the game, but for their love, generosity and respect for everyone in the community. #CelticPride.

On July 15, 2016 the Toledo Celtics hosted 2 more camps for the Toledo community. These camps took place at East Toledo Family Center and Westwood Park.

2000's Earn 3rd Showcase Championship

2000's Earn 3rd Showcase Championship

The Toledo Celtics 2000's earned their 3rd showcase championship of 2018, this time at the Crossroads College Showcase in Carmel, IN! 3-0 with 2 MRL wins and a soggy showcase win to wrap up the top spot! Also, in their 1st time together this spring, the 01s also with an undefeated weekend! #learndevelopsucceed #celticpride


4 Leaf Clover

Toledo Celtics Champions Cup Champions

Congratulations goes out to our 03 and 06 Black teams, as they were finalists at the inaugural Toledo Celtics Champions Cup this weekend!!!


Congratulations to our 04 Black team as they were champions of the inaugural Toledo Celtics Champions Cup!!!! #celticpride